SLATE NYC Dry Cleaners - Wouldn't stop the machine

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I accidentally throw my daughters bikini in the dry cleaners pile.After we discovered it was probably in the dry cleaners pile (which was taken to the dry cleaners yesterday) we called them.

We asked if they found a bikini yesterday and they said yes. We asked if we could come pick it up and they said no because it's in the middle of being dry cleaned.

They told us once it's in the dry cleaners possession that we cannot get it until it's done.We did get it back but it shrunk a lot and barely fits my daughter.

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my family owns a dry cleaners in syracuse, ny.They deffinately should not have put the bathing suit in the dry cleaning machine without contacting you 1st, but we wouldnt take something out mid-cleaning either.

The chemicals used in dry cleaning and harsh and need to be fully processed. even if they gave it back to you it would have been full of chemicals that you would not have been able to get out with a washer/dryer. As for it shrinking, that also shouldn't happen in dry cleaning. They either washed it or their solvent was old and contaminated with water.

Hope this helps.And hope they didnt make you pay for it.

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